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Journalist for Fortune, Time, Centurion, Entrepreneur, Mental Floss, The Economist, The Guardian, and others. Writer for a handful of custom publications. Sometimes editor. Occasional ghostwriter.

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20150505224831 goeuro naren shaam article

Brilliant 100: Traveling in Europe? A New Search Engine Wants to Show You Every Transportation Option • Entrepreneur

GoEuro users plug in a destination—from a major city to a town or even a village—and the service, which resembles Hipmunk or Kayak, returns listings for rail, air and bus transit, including schedules and pricing.

Altinger article

How One Company Is Mining Big Data to Fight Diabetes • Entrepreneur

Even with an array of devices and drugs available to manage the condition, diabetes is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States.

20150505214121 matthew deiters assembly article

Brilliant 100: Let This Company Make Your Concept a Creation • Entrepreneur

Assembly is a clearinghouse for designers, developers, marketers, project managers and other creative professionals in search of project partners.

1407881402 michael preysman everlane detail article

Young Millionaires: Providing Affordable Luxury-Quality Clothing to the Masses at Age 29 • Entrepreneur

Online retailer Everlane has a straightforward mission: to provide low-cost, luxury-quality, anti-brand clothing and accessories for men and women, all without middleman markups.

20150505162138 keith kitani guidespark article

How This Startup Is Aiming to Make HR Easier • Entrepreneur

GuideSpark helps companies create video content and web seminars on more than 100 HR-related topics, including benefits, compensation and healthcare.

1400014168 2 homespun appeal start it up q a article

Connecting Entrepreneurs With Domestic Manufacturers • Entrepreneur

The Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) in Conover, N.C., has been connecting entrepreneurs with domestic manufacturers in nearly every state since 1990.

20150303005842 joanna strober kurbo health article

Why Investors Are Banking on This App to Curb Childhood Obesity • Entrepreneur

Kurbo founder and CEO Joanna Strober didn’t want to play food police with her son, who was having issues with his weight. Nor did she want to put him on a restrictive diet.

Yee lee vouch article

Vouch: The First Social Network For Credit • Entrepreneur

From Facebook to LinkedIn to Tinder, much of the power of social networks comes from personal recommendations. Vouch, a direct-to-consumer lending company, is taking this concept a step further, having colleagues and loved ones vouch for borrowers’ credibility.

Tucker kain dodgers article

How One Major League Baseball Team Is Going to Bat with Rookie Sports Businesses • Entrepreneur

This year saw the launch of the Los Angeles Dodgers Sports and Entertainment Accelerator, geared toward supporting emerging category leaders and mentoring startups at the intersection of sports, technology and entertainment.

20150127232501 iwatch article

Should You Break Into the Wearables Market? • Entrepreneur

Consumers have gotten attached to wearable accessories that monitor everything from steps taken to hours of sleep logged.