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Brittany Shoot

Journalist, writer, editor

Journalist for Fortune, Time, Centurion, Entrepreneur, Mental Floss, The Economist, The Guardian, and others. Writer for a handful of custom publications. Sometimes editor. Occasional ghostwriter.

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One Question for a Hobo • Mental Floss

Every August, Britt, Iowa, becomes America’s hobo hotbed as rail riders from around the country converge for the National Hobo Convention. The reigning hobo king, 84-year-old “Minnesota” Jim Morphew, to detail his rise to power.

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Paradise Found • Mental Floss

Historians thought these legendary cities were long gone (or never existed). But thanks to some real-life Indiana Joneses, they're back on the map.

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The Feminine Mystique • Mental Floss

Before Betty Friedan could escape her marriage, she had to start a revolution.