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Brittany Shoot

Journalist, writer, editor

Journalist for Fortune, Time, Centurion, Entrepreneur, Mental Floss, The Economist, The Guardian, and others. Writer for a handful of custom publications. Sometimes editor. Occasional ghostwriter.

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Shubham banerjee.jpg  800x600 q85 crop article
Smithsonian Magazine

Meet the 13-Year-Old Who Invented a Low-Cost Braille Printer •

One California teen has a vision to make Braille materials more widely available—and more affordable.

Compology.jpg  800x600 q85 crop article
Smithsonian Magazine

Could This San Francisco Startup Transform Garbage Collecting? •

Compology uses sensors and software to plot truck routes to empty only dumpsters that are full.

Proxxi main.jpg  800x600 q85 crop article
Smithsonian Magazine

Could This New Armband Prevent Thousands of Workplace Injuries and Fatalities Each Year? •

Proxxi CEO Campbell Macdonald describes his cloud-connected wearable that detects high-voltage areas.

Tsg evaptainer farm 38 article
Smithsonian Magazine

Could This Cooler Help Combat Global Hunger? • Smithsonian

The Evaptainer keeps perishable food fresh for up to two weeks–no electricity required.

Bloom pondwater before and after.jpg  800x600 q85 crop article
Smithsonian Magazine

This Startup Is Harvesting Wild Algae to Make Your Next Pair of Sneakers •

Bloom co-founder Rob Falken found a way to turn algae into a foam that can be used in sneaker soles and on surfboards.

Curasub article
Smithsonian Magazine

Will the Next Big Cancer Drug Come From the Ocean? •

A California startup “bioprospects” for sponges, algae and other organisms whose chemistry may be useful to the world of medicine.

Teleport2 article
Smithsonian Magazine

Where Should You Live? This App Will Tell You •

Enter your budget and a number of your preferences and Teleport will match you with some fitting cities.

Cell phones in classroom article
Smithsonian Magazine

There's No Snoozing In Class With This Chemistry App •

Chem101 allows professors to push out exercises for students to do on their devices, increasing classroom engagement.

Semios1.jpg  600x0 q85 upscale article
Smithsonian Magazine

With Semios, Farmers Can Monitor Their Fields Remotely and Keep Pests Away •

Paired with wireless sensors and cameras, aerosol pheromone pesticides have entered a new era of effectiveness and affordability.