Brittany Shoot

Brittany Shoot

Journalist, writer, editor

Journalist for Fortune, Time, Centurion, Entrepreneur, Mental Floss, The Economist, The Guardian, and others. Writer for a handful of custom publications. Sometimes editor. Occasional ghostwriter.

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Spirituality & Health

Good Vibrations • Spirituality & Health

A trip to the Integratron: a journey inside one man’s unusual dream—to reverse aging, commune with other worlds, and travel through time. (Text + photos)

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Spirituality & Health

Ask A Practitioner: Spagyric Alchemist • Spirituality & Health

Spagyrics comes from a tradition of alchemy but specifically applies to plants and healing work.

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Spirituality & Health

Ask A Practitioner: Death Midwife • Spirituality & Health

Death midwives do everything from helping people get paperwork in place to planning a home funeral.

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Spirituality & Health

Juice Revolution • Spirituality & Health

Go beyond the cleanse and try juicing to boost your health.

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Spirituality & Health

Chart Your Own Course for Healing • Spirituality & Health

Jennifer Ewing didn’t set out to become a shipbuilder.