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Brittany Shoot

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Journalist for Fortune, Time, Centurion, Entrepreneur, Mental Floss, The Economist, The Guardian, and others. Writer for a handful of custom publications. Sometimes editor. Occasional ghostwriter.

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The Guardian

San Francisco – and Sean Penn – show a city's heritage bars are worth saving • The Guardian

The Californian city’s Legacy Bars and Restaurants programme is part of a worldwide movement, from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, to identify and protect places of social significance.

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The Guardian

Pinball is back: welcome to Pinburgh, the largest-ever tournament in the world • The Guardian

Record-breaking 700 pinball and classic arcade machines attract hundreds of players – legends and amateurs alike – in definitive proof of hobby-sport’s revival.

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The Guardian

'Unboiling' an egg could lead to innovations in agriculture and healthcare • The Guardian

The researchers’ stated goal is straightforward and ambitious: to affect the lives of 1 billion over the next decade.

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The Guardian

3-parent IVF: Why isn't it available in the United States? • The Guardian

The UK approved a ‘three-person baby’ law this week, but the reproductive science and its life-altering implications are still met with resistance in the US.