Brittany Shoot

Brittany Shoot

Journalist, writer, editor

Journalist for Fortune, Time, Centurion, Entrepreneur, Mental Floss, The Economist, The Guardian, and others. Writer for a handful of custom publications. Sometimes editor. Occasional ghostwriter.

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Why I'm Wearing My Grandma's Clothes • xoJane

By the time I arrived in Indiana the summer of her relocation, Gram was already adjusting to her first home sans Grandpa. In her wake, she’d left a closet full of clothes.

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The Same Five Questions We Always Ask: Andrew W.K. • xoJane

Heavy metal rocker and motivational speaker (and my musical hero) Andrew W.K. talks about why he kicked himself in the face in pursuit of partying, why he chooses to perceive time as nonlinear, and gushes about how every day he spends with his wife is amazing.